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Mel believes in the power and importance of "the one original painting" and she wants to create something valuable with it.
If you're interested please contact Mel.

Her work

Mel Farrenkopf is a German artist working near Munich known for her bright and powerful paintings. Her materials are mainly oil paints, because she loves the smell of paint in the air of her studio.

For Mel it is very important to express moods through colours and especially through light. She reveres the old masters and their techniques and combines modern influences with traditional craftsmanship. Mel's paintings are only available as analogue originals painted on canvas and not as prints.

Immerse yourself in the world of colours, lights and shadows and enjoy the story the artworks tell. Mel has already had several exhibitions in Germany and Switzerland.
Last exhibition: ARTMUC  13.-15. Mai 2022

Foto 25.08_edited.jpg

oil, acrylic, watercolors ...

Her paintings are mainly created in the studio, but also pleinair - in nature or the city - directly on the subject, mostly in oil or acrylic on canvas or painting board.

She always has a small sketchbook and watercolours with her, because urban sketching, especially when travelling, sharpens the eye and captures memories much better than a photo. Mel finds it exciting how different these three media are and consciously choose the appropriate one depending on the motif.

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